Ombili Schulprojekt

Heide Braun House Lowen House DNEG 1992 DNEG 1992 P.P. Land House Flats Old Farm House Storage Room Centre Kindergarden Kindergarden Play Ground Toilets Ombili Primary School 1992 Ombili Primary School 1997 OVTC Silo Carport Ca HR15/11/1 * SITE PLAN OMBILI NAMIBIA PROP. NEW LIBRARY, CLASS ROOMS AND ABLUTION FACILITIES BOYS GIRLS REVISION CADFILENo DWGNo DRAWN DATE SCALE TITLE AllyCadFiles\OMBILI\SITEPLANSCHOOL JUNE2015 PROJECT APPROVED DATE 12 June 2015 AS SHOWN H.Roodt P.O.Box 826 TSUMEB Tel 067-220492 Cell0812780977 LEGEND tic Tank Septic Tank Tree 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 65 66 7 m² 391 m² 407 m² 489 m² CONVERT PART OF OVTC INTO 3 SINGLE FLATS EXISTING BUILDINGS NEW CLASS ROOMS & LIBRARY NEW ABLUTION BLOCK FUTURE CLASS ROOMS