acrps 2019 | CALL FOR PAPERS

9th acrps Conference The acrps is an international conference and the worldwide largest of its kind specifically on the subject of a. c. traction power supply. Since 2003 regularly every two years this conference attracts more than 500 experts of railway companies, infrastructure managers, of the rail industry, consulting companies and authorities from Europe and beyond in Leipzig (DE). The conference, attended by both decision makers and technical experts, serves both the information about new trends and the exchange of experts. Topics of the conference will be • Rail power supply (supply, conversion, distribution and operation) • Overhead contact lines • Earthing and the return circuit, EMC • Switchgears • SCADA systems including IT security • Operation of a. c. rail power supply systems • Railway projects • Interaction railway power supply/vehicles • Interaction between a. c. and d. c. railways • Regulations • Digital design (BIM – Building Information Modeling) both for railways with AC 15 kV 16,7 Hz and AC 25 kV 50 Hz.